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Top 5 Experiences in Rhodes, Greece

While the pasty white colour of my skin might say otherwise, I have just returned from a week away with my two best friends in the sunny Greek island of Rhodes. As I sat around waiting for our departure date to arrive, I scoured the Instagram location tags for things to do in both the day and the night, wanting to make sure that this holiday was worth every second. In fact, one of the girls, Nell, came home with a beautiful little tattoo of the sun and the moon on her arm to remember the week. It truly was an unforgettable holiday for us all, and I’m sure Nell’s mother will never forget driving down the M1 when Nell revealed to her that she'd got tattooed abroad. 

Though the temperature there skyrocketed to over 53°C on the weekend, and those days had to be written off as stay-by-the-pool days, we still managed to cram our week full of activities. Even if those activities happened to be having mid-afternoon naps and sitting inside with the air-con- which I’m still convinced is the best €35 we ever spent. 

And so here, in no particular order, were my favourite excursions my best friends and I went on during our week in Rhodes:

1) Kalithea Springs 

I stumbled across Kalithea Springs on Instagram some how and was instantly in awe of it’s magnificence, but let me tell you, nothing compares to seeing it in real life. For the price of only €3 (€2 if you have a student card), you can walk through the gates into a white-tiled, petal-blooming garden where stunning Greek buildings, lush greenery and blue skies surround you. When we read reviews of the springs, post after post was saying how they dreamed of getting married there- and it doesn’t take a romantic to be able to see why! 

As we passed through the gardens we came to a little shore where sun loungers and wicker umbrellas lay, and stared out onto the most crisp, blue water I have ever seen. We went there around 4 o’clock in the evening, and were lucky enough to see the way the sun hit the water in the heat of day, but also to watch it set beyond the mountains that guard the shore. 

Our taxi driver told us to look out for the restaurant, informing us that it was one of the best Italian places on the island, and he was not wrong. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still thinking about the pizza I ate now. Anyone who knows me knows that I live for my pizza, and I do not say this lightly, but it was possibly the best pizza I have ever had. We sat on the decking of the restaurant looking out over the springs and the sunset, and the waiter was even kind enough to ring us a taxi back to our hotel afterwards. Even the walk to the toilet took our breath away, as we ducked between alleys of white Greek buildings and walked through an empty art gallery. 

I said it to the girls and I will say it again now, but it blows my mind how somewhere as beautiful as Kalithea Springs can exist on the same planet as our grey and grotty hometown.  

2) Sotos Water Sports, Faliraki

I can’t swim, and so when we arrived at the beach and my friends were convincing me to strap on a life jacket and get dragged around the ocean by a speedboat, it is safe to say that I was a little apprehensive. However I sucked it up, held on tight and got on board the giant inflatable UFO, clinging on for dear life.  

The word to describe such an incredible adrenaline rush does not exist in this language, and I have never been more grateful for my friends convincing me to do something in my life… although I’m still not sure that they weren’t trying to kill me. The driver of the boat brought his friend along who was more than willing to take pictures on Nell’s phone for us, and the man did not disappoint- taking over 50 pictures of us being whisked around the sea for no extra cost. 

We enjoyed the UFO so much that the next day we came back to have a go at the crazy sofa. It had cost us €15 each the first time, and we’d lost the 10% off voucher that they’d given us, but the Australian man at the kiosk did not mind and gave us the discount anyway after a very friendly conversation about learning languages and what the UK was like back home. 

The wind was strong the day we did the sofa, and as we were some of the only customers they’d had all day, the driver drove us round for even longer and even faster than last time. And despite the ache in my arm from holding on so tight, the water sports definitely rank high in the most thrilling moments of my life. 

3) Anthony Quinn’s Bay 

Another gem of a location that we found on Instagram; Anthony Quinn’s bay is definitely a place to visit. With water clearer than crystals, the bay beholds natural beauty beyond comprehension. 

There are rocks dotted about in the midst of the water, which make it easy for the sinkable people like me to jump from place to place further out in the bay without having to swim. We took Hannah’s underwater camera with us and spent an hour or so taking snaps of everything above and below the clear blue sea. I cannot wait to see how they turned out when they’re developed.

As we sat on the sun loungers eating ice cream, we watched the boats coming in and out of the bay, marvelled in how beautiful this place was and discussed how lucky we were to stumble across it on social media the way that we did. 

4) Rhodes Old Town

I’ve never really done that many cultural activities when I’ve been on holiday before, but Rhodes Old Town certainly inspired me to change that. As we walked through an old stone archway of what once was part of the castle, we were met by miles and miles of vibrant culture, still buzzing away at 9 o’clock in the evening. 

The market stalls and souvenir shops seemed to continue in a never ending stretch before us. From stands selling knock off Adidas shirts, to beach towels, to paintings to traditional Greek olive oil, the Old Town was alive. We were overwhelmed by the variety of restaurants and cafés within the old stone walls, with pages of options for even vegetarians like Hannah and I.

Staff of the restaurants would approach us as we walked, offering us seats at their restaurant and claiming the best food on the island, almost as though they were reps for clubs on the strips. With so much going on there, it is no wonder they were so competitive. However we eventually settled on a little place down the side of the buildings, where the prices were cheap and the portions could quite happily feed a family of four.

After dinner, we decided to take a walk to the remains of the main body of the castle. It was virtually desolate when we arrived, and walked cautiously up the old stone steps to the turret, where we could look out and see the sea crashing against the side of the stone at midnight. The rocky floor beneath us was uneven, and though we had our backs up against the side most of the time, it didn’t stop us pausing to capture pictures of us standing literally on top of a castle as if we were on top of the world.  My one regret about Old Town is that I wish I’d seen it in the day, and been able to see the harbour properly from the turrets or the market at its busiest and liveliest, but walking around the top of an ancient castle in the dead of the night is certainly not an experience I’d wish to change either. 

5) The Nightlife

Staying in Faliraki, we were in the centre of young tourists our age. Our hotel was a 20 minute walk from the strip, which was home to a loud bustle of clubs and bars where you’re spoilt for choice of where to get your €2 shots from. Compared to back home, the bars hardly made a dent in our wallets before we were already three cocktails in and singing ‘Allstar’ at the top of our lungs. 

I haven’t been too much of a drinker in the past few months, but if that’s what you’re into then you will not struggle to have a good time with reps handing out deals and tickets left, right and centre. You just take your free drinks and move onto the next place. The strip is merely steps away from the beach, and on our way there we passed plenty of incredible Greek restaurants where you can fill your belly with feta and halloumi before you fill your bloodstream with blue lagoon or mojitos. 

Mixed with the heatwave and the exhaustion of cramming activities into every second of the day, we weren’t out every single night, but there were no shortage of young Brits out on Faliraki strip making the most of a night out under a tenner. 

But for now, efcharistó, Rhodes! I hope I’m lucky enough to visit again one day, because while some of the experiences I had may be considered once in a lifetime, I really hope that I get to do them more than just once in my lifetime. 


Rachel x 

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  1. Wow that looks like so much fun! The water is so clear!!

    1. It was so clear it was surreal! Definitely a lot of fun x