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Disneyland Paris: Snapshots

This post has been a long time coming... and by that, I mean almost six months. Yikes. I began 2018 by visiting the happiest place on earth, and so I figured it was about time I shared my Disney adventure with you all.

My boyfriend will happily testify to the fact that I may have got a bit camera-happy, as I stopped him every five steps for a selfie or a photo. However, I couldn't help but want to immortalise every moment in which I felt that giddy rush. I don't think the smile left my face the whole day (nor did the camera leave my hand.)

While we arrived at Charles de Gaulle early in the day, we couldn't actually check in to our hotel until the afternoon- so we decided to take a quick trip into Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. I won't bore you with our Paris train drama, but I  wish we'd had more than a few hours to see Paris and I wish we'd been able to see the monument lit up against the night sky. Oh well, it's nothing a quick weekend trip across the channel couldn't fix in the future.


Our hotel was everything we could've asked it to be. Cheap, cheerful, friendly, one stop on the train away from Marne-la-Vallée and, most importantly, a perfect location. Ideally situated next to the Val d'Europe shopping centre and the Sephora that resided within it. 

I was like a kid in a candy shop. The excitement nearly rivalled that of going to Disneyland. ( @ The United Kingdom... ur slacking. we need sephora here. it's 2k18. )


Also, I couldn't neglect to mention one of the best veggie meals I've ever had abroad. In Val d'Europe centre there was a little New York style bagel shop. This was where I had a pesto, cheese and salad bagel that was so delicious I have spent months trying (and failing) to recreate it. I'll simply gloss over the part where I stumbled awkwardly and shakily through a French sentence to order it. I'm still learning... still practicing. 

And now....


Prepare for a series of snapshots. 

Our best pic. Photobombed by Bright Backpack Dude.

Three cheers to the fact that my lashes didn't fly off on Space Mountain.

I'd visited Disneyland Paris once before when I was six years old and, according to my few memories of it, The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was my shit. As the boat bobbed along the water, nostalgia washed over me, and I had to take a commemorative selfie to send to my parents.

Walt Disney Studios.

While I lovedlovedloved Disneyland, the Studios stole my heart.
The Tower of Terror was by far our favourite ride. Had we had more than just one day, I can guarantee that we would've queued up for it over and over again.

Here's a selfie I managed to get before the member of staff told us to tuck our phones safely away. And before she told the lift full of guests that we're better off not taking selfies, because we'd probably look ugly anyway. (She might've been onto something...)

Back to Disneyland in time for lights and fireworks...

The castle ablaze with lights was breathtaking. It was worth sitting on a bench in the freezing cold for an hour and a half... before realising we were an hour early for them... before running to the nearest café for hot drinks... before losing our prime fireworks spot on the bench and ending up behind a tree.

Still. Worth. It.

It was a magical start to the year. Every time I see the pictures or hear a Disney song I'm flushed with a wistful longing to go back there again. Not just for the rides, the fireworks, the French version of Let it Go or the Sephora, but simply to experience the atmosphere that surrounds Walt Disney's dream world and to feel like a kid again.

Rachel x

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