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4 Cruelty-Free Skincare Saviour Brands

With the weather changing in this country faster than the price of Freddos, your skin can really start to feel the consequences. As we head into summer, the thought of wearing heavy makeup all day seems more and more unappealing. Whether you're working 9-5, heading out for the day or taking an afternoon siesta (although, trust me, I don't limit my naps to one season), your skin wants to breathe and can need a little day-to-day pampering. 

Ergo, here are some of my favourite cruelty-free brands that may offer a little bit of saviour to your skin! 


A long-time ambassador for ending animal testing, The Body Shop is a high street favourite I return to again and again and again. They have an incredible range of products for every skin type imaginable including, but not limited to, their Aloe, Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Seaweed, Hemp, British Rose lines and more. 

My personal favourites are the Hemp lip balm, Aloe eye cream, Vitamin C liquid peel and the Tea Tree toner. They always have some sort of discount or shipping deal available on their website too. 


Mario Badescu has become some what of a cult classic the last few years. Available from BeautyBay, Urban Outfitters and Harvey Nichols, Mario Badescu is slightly harder to get your hands on in the UK. But if you can... then don't hesitate! Again, they have a huge range of products suited to different skin types, particularly acne-prone skin.

My holy-grail product is, hands down, the Drying Lotion. It's a miracle worker. While I'm not too salty about the fact that I haven't grown in height since age 13, I'm pretty pissed that my skin hasn't glowed up much either. However, just a dab of a cotton bud into this stuff is enough to calm and dry out a spot overnight. It's awesome.


Botanics is a brand created by Boots in partnership with The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Vegan and cruelty-free, I don't know how I've managed to walk past it on the shelves for so many years. Prices range from around £5-10 and one bottle will last you a hell of a long time. They stock five different ranges, including Brightening, Organic, Hydrating, Early Ageing and Mature Skin, and I'm sure you'll find something that caters to you.

The Brightening range is by far my go-to. I suffer from scarring on my cheeks and recently much of the dark pigmentation has been clearing up. It coincides almost exactly with when I began using the All Bright foaming wash, and I'm 99% sure I have Botanics to thank for bringing some life back into my skin.


Now, it wouldn't be a cruelty-free post if I didn't talk about LUSH, would it? LUSH offers any product you could think of for your skin, and more. I've gone through more fresh face masks, cleansers and moisturisers than I can count. In fact, there is a pile of about 20 little black tubs sitting in my cupboard just waiting to go and be exchanged. When you bring back 5 empty little black pots to LUSH stores, they'll give you a free fresh face mask. As if I need anymore encouragement to try out new skincare!

My favourite has to be the Rosy Cheeks mask. Thick, cooling and moisturising, it leaves my face feeling plump and hydrated. Plus, it's that classic millennial pink...

Have you tried out any of these brands? Or do you have any suggestions for more products to add to the overflowing skincare basket sat on my desk? 

Thanks for reading!

Rachel x


  1. Mario Badescu and The Body Shops are my absolute favourite skincare brands, I have yet to be disappointed with any of their products! I also love Lush, but I've never tried anything from Botanics so I'll definitely look into purchasing some of their products!

    Shannon | https://shannonmichelle1.blogspot.com

    1. I've not heard many people talk about Botanics, but if you can then definitely try them out! Thanks for commenting xx


  2. I wish we had a Body Shop here but it closed down many years ago. I have so many products from this brand that I want to try but I only get to shop there while travelling.


    1. Omg no! How could they close it down? That’s such a shame, TBS is definitely a fave brand of mine x

  3. Great post! After reading No Impact Man by Colin Beaven a couple of weeks ago, I am slowly changing my lifestyle to live lower waste... These brands seem like wonderful places to start when it comes to switching my beauty routine! :) I have always wanted to try out LUSH, so I think I need to soon! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

    1. Lush is one of my absolute favourites, and they’re so eco friendly too. I’m going to have to check out that book, it sounds likwas a great read!x

  4. I love these brands but haven't tried Mario Badescu yet, I need to get on that!

    http://amyevans.co.uk - Amy Evans

    1. I do love them! They’ve got so many products and ranges you’ll be able to find something that suits you x