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Holy Grail Fake Tanning Items - Cruelty-Free

The pasty white Irish gene seems to have skipped a generation in my family. Somehow, my dad manages to absorb sunlight and turn it into a bronzed colour; a skill that he hasn't passed down to me, and that certainly wasn't passed down to him from his father. So, I've had to take it upon myself to achieve a complexion that doesn't rival a piece of paper... and here are my holy grail tanning products I can rely on to do that.


Ah, Superdrug. I can always rely on their products to be cheap and leaping bunny approved. The Solait Bronzing Lotion in dark has been my go to for almost a year now. I can't tell you how many bottles of it I've gone through, but it doesn't matter. It's £4.99 and on offer most of the time too! I've tried everything from gradual tanners, to wipes, to oils and mouses- but my skin always seems to dry out and leave me looking like a crispy tiger roll. 

The bronzing lotion applies like a moisturiser, though. It has a guide colour that makes it easy to see where you've already put it, and it dries within five minutes, allowing you to get dressed. I normally leave it on overnight and wash it off with a lukewarm shower in the morning and viola- I'm left with a beautiful, natural colour. Plus, if I'm feeling a bit extra (which, let's be honest, most of the time I am extra) I do another layer the next day and Bam. Wow. Who's this bronzed being in the mirror?


Another trusty Superdrug own brand product I use to keep glowing is the Vitamin E Shower Moisturiser. We've all heard how important it is to moisturise your skin when you tan to keep it fresher for longer, but who in their right mind has time to moisturise each night and try to sleep, sticky against bedsheets, while you wait for it to sink in?

I simply use the Vitamin E Shower Moisturiser at the end of my shower, rubbing it all over my body like a body wash and washing it off, before jumping out and patting myself dry with a towel. It saves me so much time and effort, and it leaves my tan looking better for days! 


Okay, so this one was a bit of an investment. £17 for a tanning mitt? Have I lost my mind? Probably. But I was going through little £3 foam mitts like they were a box of Celebrations. The mitt is thick, velvet and machine washable and it doesn't leave my hands stained with odd orange splotches. It allows me to tan two-handed, and to reach my back without struggle- it has probably halved the time of my tanning routine! If you don't tan often, you don't really need this. However, as a weekly tanner this mitt has paid for itself, especially considering how often I had to replace cheap mitts.

There we go- my most trusted products that keep me looking like a zombie from Shaun of the Dead. That being said, I do love and embrace my pasty skin; it's who I am, it's my heritage. But there is something so uplifting about glowing from the outside that makes me glow from within.

What are your holy grail tanning products? Or do you live life embracing your natural tone? Let me know in the comments.

Rachel x


  1. I NEED that mitt! It sounds amazing, these are such good hacks and I love the pics :)
    Christy x

    1. It really is a holy grail for me! I was thinking of also doing a post entirely based around fake tanning hacks and tips I've learnt over the years. Thank you for reading :) x

      Rachel | rachelemmablog.blogspot.co.uk